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We offer services in chemical regulatory compliance and consultancy to the chemicals industry on the impact of its products and facilities.

Peter Fisk Associates - Vision

Developing new chemicals

Peter Fisk Associates - Developing new chemicals

Evaluate acceptability as you discover and develop

The PFA-Vision process is simple: by testing for acceptability in parallel with the discovery process, you get more acceptable products to market more efficiently.

We optimise the discovery of acceptable products, and make sure that safety, risk, and compliance are factored in and tested for during the development process. This means problems are dealt with, and solutions found, as they arise rather than once the product is complete. This has the triple benefit of saving time and money and reducing waste.

We can help you improve your product from the outset

We have a wealth of knowledge. We understand product safety, and we know risk inside out. We have unparalleled experience with compliance, testing, and acceptability. Let us help you by sharing that knowledge and experience, so problems are discovered and eliminated early, and your development process is smooth and efficient.

Peter Fisk Associates - We can help you improve your product from the outset

How can we help

  • Discover & Develop

    Discover & Develop

    The inventiveness of chemists and the variety of chemistry means that there are infinite possibilities. It is not easy to find the chemical that does exactly what you want it to, so it is tempting to find a chemical and then try to manage any undesirable effects ‘hazards’ – such as toxicity – later. We believe that safety in use should be seen as part of the specification for a new product.

    Product design must be integrated with understanding of the manufacturing process. Once it is clear that basic hazard acceptability is in place, then the product can be developed to market.

  • Commercial Risk

    Commercial Risk

    R & D is costly. In the PFA-Vision concept money is saved because early assessment of hazard avoids high costs of development (hazard testing, process development, marketing) on substances that are actually weak in overall acceptability.

    Those costs only increase with time, and users are looking more and more of low-hazard products.

  • Testing Acceptability

    Testing Acceptability

    Testing for acceptability in respect of hazard profile is proportionate and progressive.

    Many techniques exist to explore hazards using computational models and methods that predict hazards which are more rapid and less expensive and can be done before more expensive detailed studies.

  • Culture Change

    Culture Change

    As processes evolve, and knowledge expands, culture change is necessary to achieve progress. Working with PFA-Vision can help facilitate optimising R & D success.

    We can help you shift from the outdated linear or stepwise view of research and development, to the PFA-Vision approach and the many benefits that brings. We are experienced in supporting and working closely with organisations and teams to make the change to focusing on product safety and testing at the early states of product discovery.

    We are advocates of a new culture of information-sharing and collective problem-solving. In other words, we share our information and expertise with you so we can work together to solve problems.

Peter Fisk Associates - Our approach

Our approach

Improved products with smooth and efficient process to market.

  • Integration & Problem solving  – Integrates acceptability with discovery and development. Identifies and eliminates problems earlier.
  • Understanding – Brings together understanding of product safety, regulatory compliance and expertise in R & D.
  • Saving – Evaluating acceptability as you discover and developer is quicker and cheaper than stepwise approach.

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