Microplastics – Sources, Risk and Regulation

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Microplastics – Sources, Risk and Regulation

November 30th, 2016

The presence of microplastics and microbeads[1] in the aquatic (freshwater and marine) environment has been a focus of much public debate over recent years, at both European and world-wide levels. Regulators have been considering what actions are necessary to reduce microplastics in the environment. Meanwhile,... read more »

Developments in EU Pollution Control Legislation

April 28th, 2014

EU Pollution The EU Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU) ‘IED’ is the replacement legislation for the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control directive (IPPCD). IED has been in force since late 2010, and was put into law in England and Wales in early 2013. As of January... read more »