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Natural Products

Natural products are chemical compounds or substances produced by naturally-occurring living organisms. There is a strong and growing market for natural products:

  • Naturally-derived products are often perceived by consumers to be desirable and of high quality.
  • They are commonly associated with health and well-being.
  • A particular advantage is that they are less likely than many other substances to be persistent in the environment.

Regulatory responsibilities

Natural products may be covered under regulatory areas such as REACH, Biocides, Medicinal products, Plant protection products and Cosmetics.

Risk assessment of natural products can present a challenge. The properties of natural products tend to be favourable in terms of fate, often being readily degradable. However, they may still have toxicity.

Natural products are often complex and/or variable in composition, meaning that description of their substance identity can be problematic. All constituents need to be considered in the risk assessment of these complex substances.

Why choose PFA for support with natural products?

PFA has the experience and breadth of technical knowledge to provide comprehensive support to meet the requirements applicable to natural products.

PFA has worked on regulatory support for a number of UVCBs (Substances of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials) under REACH, with excellent understanding of the challenges posed by such substances.

We can provide comprehensive advice about substance characterisation for natural products and UVCBs: an important and technically complex aspect of regulatory compliance.

PFA also offers support in the R&D stage of natural product substance development. It is vital to consider the regulatory acceptability of such substances at the design stage.

Please get in touch to discuss with us regulatory aspects of natural products.