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Soil and sediment strategy


As part of routine substance evaluation, ECHA is critically examining how soil and sediment endpoints have been covered in the chemical safety assessment in higher-level registrations. Many submitted dossiers are likely to fall under this scrutiny. The registrant has the option of doing a voluntary update to strengthen the scientific basis for assessment of soil and sediment endpoints now, or to wait for ECHA to come back with further test proposals or a non-compliance letter later.

In anticipation of the need to meet ECHA’s requirements, PFA and Dr. Noack are offering consultancy on strategic planning which can be applied to existing dossiers which require amendment, as well as new dossiers under development. In either case, it is important to ensure a successful registration without the burden of major revisions triggered by evaluation, or excessive testing.

In order to conduct tests on effects and fate in soil and sediment in a time- and cost-effective manner, an expert approach to the exposure modelling and risk context is important. We offer full support in identifying non-compliant dossiers and in planning an integrated and robust approach for soil and sediment testing. We also have years of experience in integrated testing strategies, exposure modelling, and group approaches.


To develop a step-by-step, tailored strategy for further fate and effects testing for a substance, by making use of available data on properties, composition, and with input from information on exposure and risk.