Why choose PFA?

Peter Fisk Associates brings together highly experienced experts in the diverse fields of chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology. Together we form a world-class team of chemicals assessment experts.

Our team members have worked in the different contexts of industry, laboratory, and regulation. PFA has many years of experience under the REACH Regulation and its predecessors.

Our approach: Applying expertise to address challenges

Many substances present unique challenges: unusual chemical properties, hazards, and unexpected test results can make compliance with regulatory requirements a challenging prospect.

Our view is that it is fundamental to understand the chemistry in detail in each case, and to never consider the work as being routine. We believe firmly in collaborating closely with our sponsors in order to harness their valuable insights and understanding of their own products.

PFA’s expertise and experience enables us to advise on what is realistically achievable and worthwhile in assessing chemical safety. We confidently support clients in responding to complicated cases, for example:

  • Advising how to proceed when standard testing methods fall short.
  • Recommending targeted or stepwise testing when budgets are limited.
  • Understanding the significance of further information required by regulators
  • Support to address regulatory decisions.
  • Using higher-tier techniques to assess and manage exposure and risk.

Read more about our services in regulatory compliance and about our team. If you would like to enquire more about our services, please get in touch.