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Who We Are

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Peter Fisk Associates brings together a diverse team, that has outstanding expertise in chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology, to form a field-leading team of chemicals assessment experts. Our team members have experience in physical chemistry, ecotoxicology, environmental media analysis, laboratory analysis, and regulatory compliance. We also have ready access to other experts in a wide range of disciplines.

We believe firmly in collaborating closely with our sponsors in order to harness their valuable insights and understanding of their own products.

Our approach stems from extensive experience with various aspects of chemicals assessment.  Our view is that it is fundamental to understand the chemistry in detail in each case, and to never consider the work as being routine.  PFA applies specialist skills across a wide range of disciplines in environmental science, human health, and chemistry.

Our understanding of scientific techniques and practical context enables us to make the best use of existing information, and to ensure that testing programmes are appropriate to the substance being registered.

Since 1995 PFA has acquired extensive chemicals assessment consultancy experience in compliance with REACH, new and existing substances and voluntary HPV programmes. The team as a whole has a strong track record in working together to put together regulatory submissions. We have full familiarity with standard tools such as IUCLID, CHESAR, EUSES, and the major public databases. We make extensive use of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) including development of new techniques.

Since the introduction of REACH legislation, we have developed dossiers for over 150 substances for Phases 1 and 2 of the REACH Phase-In submission programme.

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PFA-Vision is a research company focussing on new approaches to the sustainable consumption and production of chemicals. Services range from process improvement through to de novo chemical design, voluntary substitution of hazardous substances, and green chemistry.