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PFA Team

With over twenty members of staff, PFA has a focused team of experienced chemists, toxicologists and ecotoxicologists, with ready access to other experts in a wide range of disciplines. We bring together a team that has:

  • chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology expertise of very high standards
  • industrial laboratory experience in physical chemistry, ecotoxicology, environmental media analysis, laboratory analysis, as well as regulatory compliance
  • extensive consultancy experience in compliance of hazard assessment, exposure assessment, environmental risk assessment and risk characterisation
  • experience of risk management and socio-economic analysis

The core consultancy team is comprised of a dedicated group of scientists with complementary areas of experience and expertise.

Peter Fisk, Managing Director

As the founder and managing director, Peter heads up scientific decisions and oversees the work of PFA. His expertise includes property measurement and prediction, hazard and environmental risk assessment, life-cycle and exposure analysis, and he has three decades’ experience of regulatory compliance. Peter’s background is in physical chemistry, which he studied at Oxford and Imperial College, London. Before setting up PFA in 1995, he worked in R&D at a specialist chemicals company and was leader of the physical chemistry group at a major oil company.

Oliver Warwick, Project Manager

Oliver is responsible for managing technical project programmes for PFA’s clients. His role involves action planning, strategy development, and co-ordination of expert input as well as ecotoxicology. Oliver’s expertise is in risk management, prioritisation of hazardous substances, cost-benefit analysis and pollution control in the environment. He studied Marine and Freshwater Biology at the University of London and undertook a PhD in Ecotoxicology at the University of Sheffield. Oliver worked as an environmental scientist and consultant before joining the PFA team in 2010.

Ros Wildey, Environmental Chemist

Part of the PFA team since 1999, Ros is the coordinator of the physical chemistry and environmental fate and effects group at PFA, working in research, appraisal of data and compilation of hazard and environmental risk assessment reports. Her areas of expertise include environmental exposure assessment, data sourcing and management, and life cycle and exposure analysis.

Louise McLaughlin, Regulatory Chemist

Louise is an experienced Project Leader at PFA, with capability in all of the main technical areas of chemistry, environmental fate and hazard assessment, human hazard assessment, exposure assessment and risk characterisation in the context of chemical regulation. Louise joined PFA in 2002, having previously worked in chemical regulatory affairs and analytical chemistry.

The Team

The other members of PFA’s team of scientific consultants include environmental chemists, office-based toxicology reviewers, exposure modellers, biochemists and analytical chemists. Our offices are located near the historic city of Canterbury, and can be reached from London within 1.5 hours (national rail); from Brussels in 2 hours and from Paris in 3 hours (Eurostar).