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Recent and Ongoing Projects

Since 1995, Peter Fisk Associates has acquired extensive experience in compliance consultancy with new and existing substances and voluntary HPV programmes. As well as industry, we have provided  compliance consultancy for government agencies and other consultants. Since the introduction of REACH legislation, we have developed dossiers for over 150 substances for Phases 1 and 2 of REACH. See the table below for a list of our recent and ongoing projects and types of clients. We take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously, thus no organisations or individuals are named.

Description Client type
Technical service provider leading preparation of REACH registration documentation for Phase-in substances in Phases 1, 2 and 3 and non-Phase-in registrations: • Chemical identity and analytics; • Analysis and summarisation of chemical, fate, and effects property data; • Assessment of hazard, exposure and risk; • Preparation of CSRs. • Use of property prediction and read across techniques where possible. Study monitoring. More than 200 substances registered to date including: mono-constituent, multi-constituent, UVCB; naturally-derived substances, synthetic organics, salts, complexing agents, speciality chemicals and fuels. A range of customers and substance types
Technical service provider preparing and submitting Inquiries and PPORDs Industry
PFA is a service provider accepted on several ‘Framework’ contracts of pre-approved consultants, either in its own right or as part of a multi-consultancy team Regulatory authority
REACH authorisation: Support to applicants for authorisation of chemicals in the context of REACH • Development of specific exposure scenarios for chemical safety report • Analysis of alternatives • Input to socioeconomic analysis Industry
Literature research and summarisation of properties and hazard data for chemicals in a context of Cosmetics regulatory compliance Industry
Literature research and summarisation of properties and hazard data for chemicals in a context of food safety Regulatory authority
Environmental hazard assessments for chemical substances in various contexts (e.g. associated with transport, CLP, hazard assessment for mixtures) Industry
Authorship of a book aimed at business managers, scientists, product stewards, users of chemicals, and consultants: Chemical Risk Assessment: A Manual for REACH, ISBN: 978-1-119-95368-5 Publisher
Training on a range of topics delivered at client sites and /or via Webinar Industry
Preparation of Global Product Summary documents following CEFIC template, for communication of key facts and findings from REACH chemical safety assessments to an international audience Industry
Review of PBT properties of specific substances Regulatory authority
Contribution to preparation of a new emission scenario document, subsequently adopted and published by OECD Regulatory authority
Technical service provider on physical chemistry and environmental side for ICCA/OECD High Production Volume (HPV) voluntary hazard assessments for substances. • Iron salts category (3 substances) • Alcohols category (Ca. 30 substances) • Phosphonates category: (>6 substances in 3 sub-groups) Industry groups
Environmental risk assessment (including physico-chemical work) for three substances under ESR Regulatory authority
Support to regulatory authorities in research, data review etc. Regulatory authority